No Plastic Surgery Needed

Living Your Best Life @ ahhmazing20.com Hey Guys! The title says it all….No Plastic Surgery Needed when it comes to having a facelift….yes, you heard me right…No Plastic Surgery Needed! All you need is your fingertips to achieve incredible results GUARANTEED! Maybe you or someone you know feels younger then your real age or isContinue reading “No Plastic Surgery Needed”

Prayers and Promises

Living Your Best Life @ ahhazing20.com Hey Guys! We are all living in a different time, generation and era as our world has definitely changed for the worst and it continues to show that it is falling apart. The lack of respect that people show towards our Parents, our Elders, our Law Enforcement, our Teachers,Continue reading “Prayers and Promises”

Living Your Best Life

Living Your Best Life @ ahhmazing20.com Hey Guys! What does living your best life mean to you? what is your definition to living your best life? This question can have so many different kinds of answers depending on our upbringing, our social and economic status, or even our cultures that can influence the way weContinue reading “Living Your Best Life”

World’s 6 Best Doctors

Living Your Best Life @ ahhmazing20.com Steve Jobs was the co-founder, Chairman and CEO of Apple Corporation who died in 2011 at the age of 56 losing his battle to Pancreatic Cancer. Just before his death he has posted a very profound realization that speaks volumes for all to reflect on and ask our selvesContinue reading “World’s 6 Best Doctors”

Being Happy and Loving Life

Living your Best Life @ ahhmazing20.com Do you believe that we all have a choice to write our own script of how we want our life to be? We can choose to live being mad and angry that sees everything so negatively or we can choose to be happy and wake up being thankful andContinue reading “Being Happy and Loving Life”

A Facelift Without Surgery

Living Your Best Life @ ahhmazing20.com Aloha Friends! Ever wonder why nobody exercises their face or necks but only go to the gym to work out their bodies from the shoulders down? Why is that? Our face is the focal point as we meet and greet people, it is the most exposed area on ourContinue reading “A Facelift Without Surgery”

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