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Becoming And Growing

Becoming all that God wants us to be and growing into productive, fruitful, loving, giving and caring people striving to become better each and everyday takes time to cultivate. There are so many things needed to lead oneself into transformation. Just like a plant that needs sunlight, water, temperature, air, and proper nutrients to grow,Continue reading “Becoming And Growing”

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Mind And Body

People need to prioritize emotional and mental well-being as a means to have a happy, healthy life. However, most people must learn to understand that having a happy and healthy life does not only rely on experiencing happy events. Food, plenty of sleep, and regular exercise are also needed to gain fulfillment and enjoyment eachContinue reading “Mind And Body”


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About Me

Aloha, I’m Debbie. I am married and a mother of three grown kids and I enjoy spending most of my time with my family, living healthy and eating well, being happy, staying positive, live for Jesus and loving life!

I am presently a Licensed Massage Therapist for 22 years and counting and a Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant for the past 29 years therefore, I love everything about the body and keeping it in good health physically, mentally and spiritually all in balance.

This blog is all about clean living physically and mentally as it is so important for all of us to love who we are starting from the inside out from feeding our bodies proper nutrition, exercise for good health, having a positive mindset, being happy, feeling blessed, to be inspired to become better, to taking care of our skin to slow down the aging process and live a stress free life.

Living with self confidence and having good self esteem is taking on a healthy attitude that you love and value who you are so that you can give of yourselves to others in need. Live with awareness, do what is right and be the best “you” that you can be so be encouraged, get motivated to working hard on yourself from the inside out and reap the rewards of feeling ahhmazing and staying connected to Jesus!

Follow my blog to a healthy and happy life. Hope you enjoy the articles, learn from it, share it, like it, subscribe below to it and bless others with it.

💕 debs

Exercise and Fitness.


Why do so many of us forget to exercise our face and only focus on the body? We also have muscles in the face that needs attention and it is pretty much the only part of our body that is exposed on a daily basis to toxins and therefore, our facial skin can get severely damaged. You add that together with aging and stress and you get the perfect storm to looking older, sagging skin, wrinkles, discoloration, bags and the list goes on.

Learn how to exercise and stimulate Massage Acupressure points for 60 SECONDS to improve your skin’s appearance for a healthy glow….that’s it….so QUICK and EASY that anyone can do this and the best thing is….that it REALLY works! It has also helped me lift my eyelids.

See for yourself and be ahhmazed.

💕 debs

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