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Has anyone taken a moment to reflect on yourself to see where you are in your mindset? Are you a POSITIVE or NEGATIVE thinker? Be real, true and honest. Yes….it is hard to hear the truth when you don’t want to hear that you are a Negative thinker right?! But you can’t change what you don’t acknowledge so, we all have to be forthcoming.

Think about this….just one small thought of negativity is like one drop of poison and with every negative thought the poison will soon add up to a very lethal and harmful level. A level that can cause problems to our minds and how we look at things, to our body developing physical ailments, sickness, unhappiness, health problems, pain, depression and the list can go on.

Now think about this….when you are stressed, irritated, angry, feel offended or you are thinking of something very negative, reflect what your body feels like. Do you feel your shoulders so tense and tight and maybe raised up to your ears? Maybe your heart rate goes up and you can feel it beating elevating your blood pressure, maybe you start to feel a headache coming on, your body temperature rising and getting heated to name a few. These are all physiological effects that the body can go through as it changes the the internal mechanics of our body from receiving these negative impulses. Furthermore, if we tell and feed ourselves negative words such as…”I can’t do anything right”, “I am a loser”, “I am not worthy enough” ….remember that words are powerful and you will start to believe all the chatter you say to yourself and it will mirror how you live your life too.

The common denominator is that possessing negativity on a daily basis is tiring to your mind and to those around you, it is not becoming to you, it is very unhealthy and it definitely drives people away. Is this you? Do you know someone like this who thrives on negativity? Well, the good news is that everyone has the ability to choose….that’s right it is a choice to choose to do different if you want happiness, peace, good health and love in your life and what this means is that you need to put in the effort and work consistently for change. Also, remember that we can only control ourselves so if you get upset by what someone has said to you and take it personal or if you got mad at a driver that whizzed by that turns into road rage… you are responding negatively to the situation and creating chaos for yourself… what if the driver who whizzed by you had an emergency that his mom was rushed to the hospital? No one knows anyone’s story of what they are going through so let’s have more compassion and love for others.

Here are some helpful tips to start bringing in some positive attitude and mindset into your life!

  1. Remember that change is a process so be patient with yourself .
  2. The key to change is living consciously with awareness to put forth action to stop negativity to coming in to your environment
  3. Living consistently is important to create a new, positive and good habit.
  4. Laugh everyday as it does the body good! Happy energy endorphins gets released and it feels great!
  5. Do daily affirmations saying positive words or sentences to yourself such as: “I am a happy and positive person”, “I am successful”, “I am a winner”, “I like to smile”, “I will be an encourager”.
  6. Surround yourself with positive people.
  7. Be thankful and grateful every morning for having another day of life, celebrate it, embrace it and love it!
  8. Choose to help people and do random acts of kindness for others as this will make you feel happy and give off positive energy
  9. If you start to feel irritated or you start to have a negative thought then take a deep breath and slowly count backwards from 20 to feel you calming down then talk positive words into you. Replace a negative thought with a positive one.
  10. Breathe, Breathe, Breathe….this is very important to calming the mind and body by bringing in good amounts of oxygen.
  11. Seek professional help.-
  12. Most importantly, seek Jesus as he will help you to create a change from the inside out as he is ahhmazing!

Please leave me a comment and share some of your insights on what side you are on as a Positive or Negative thinker and if these resourceful tips brought any value to you….

Thank you for letting me share and make it an ahhmazing day on purpose!

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