by debs

When I look back on my life, I have accepted God’s plan for my life journey that he has made for me and I am so thankful and grateful as I wouldn’t change a thing.

Believe me…my life has been far from perfect but all that I have gone through has absolutely strengthened me to be who I am today and therefore, I am Accepting My Journey having no regrets with a thankful heart. Take a look at some of my past journey of what I am talking about.

1.I came from a broken family as my mom and dad divorced when I was 2 years old.

-Coming from a divorced family with an absent father figure I have more compassion and empathy for any child who is going through some tough times of being a product of a broken family. I truly have the heart to help counsel and give support with the understanding of what one might feel like because I have lived it. If I never had gone through my journey, I would not be able to help others the way I am able to do today.

2. My mom remarried when I was going into the 7th grade and now having a Step Father that I didn’t want and that I didn’t know living with me and my sister under one roof, not getting along and feeling very frustrated and angry about my life and I remember thinking….why did my mom get remarried?….What would it be like to have both my parents raising me? I’m sure I would have had more discipline and something that I needed but because I didn’t, I became very rebellious. I don’t regret my experience at all as it only allowed me to have better understanding.

-I remember that if someone was going through the same thing I was for having a Step Father and no relationship, I could relate to them and we would be able to share our feelings with great understanding on a common ground and it felt good. Presently, the best part is that I can help someone to express themselves to get their feelings out and their voice to be heard, help them to sort out their feelings and find solutions to help mend and heal their situation to overcome struggles and to come to a place of forgiveness.

3. I became very rebellious from the end of 7th grade experiencing with smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol and smoking weed and as I got older, it led to other things. God has wired me as a person to always seek fun, laughter and excitement however, put my personality together with my broken family and i created the perfect storm to being rebellious and living out my life the way I wanted to by staying out late and not listening to rules.

-I am so glad that I was able to experience all of this at a very young age and although it wasn’t right, I am thankful because it gave me insight and street smarts to know what really happens and especially becoming a mother myself it brought awareness for me to be ready and how I would be able to handle the situation with love, compassion and teachings for life lessons to be learned and applied.

4. Now fast forward a bit…. I grew up and it was my turn as I got married and I had 2 beautiful kids…but guess what?! I never thought it would happen to me but I became the product of once again a divorce but this time, I am now the divorcee raising my kids as a single mom in a broken family. This was a tough time for me as I was crushed and I never wanted to have my kids experience the life that I lived but that is why I made certain that we could successfully co-parent and support one another for the common goal in mind which was to create the most stable, loving and safe environment for them.

-I found myself having to be the rock of my family making communication to be an important key factor among my household. Nothing better to have been able to travel the road to be able to help my own kids. I am very thankful to share that they are all doing well and healthy. Out of this unfortunate situation, I celebrate that I was able to find Jesus and accept him into my life, I was saved and allowed him to lead in our lives as we could not do life without him. Amen!

5. Well, 3 years later as my son was 7 and my daughter was 6, I met someone through church and started dating. I made sure that the kids got to know him well as they all got along and we eventually got married and had another daughter and I was happy that there were no issues between their relationship to their Step Father however, as the years progressed, things had changed and so did the dynamics so, although still with some pain and struggles coming on, I am grateful that the main thing is that we all still have love and care for one another. There was a lot of learning of being married and figuring out our differences, mindsets, strengths, weaknesses, integrity, honesty, patience and to make sure that we always keep God at the center and the top of our pyramid. The road is never easy and it continues to come with some roadblocks and the need to working hard on it.

There will always be struggles that come up in our lives but it is how we respond and handle the situations as it arises that counts and I welcome all tribulations as I know that there is always good that comes out of it and the gems of so many lessons to learn along the way and how God will use us to help others.

Through my hardships, God has used me to help others in their struggles, to share the good news, to be an encourager and empower others to strive to become better, be the best role model for my kids as they learn from what they see and not always from what we tell them, to teach them that life is about accepting challenges and it is so important that we experience it to grow, learn, share and to be there for others.

We can be the light that shines to live for Jesus, to live with a positive attitude, to create our happiness, to choose to eliminate negativity in our life and to have a loving heart to serve others.

Here is an update that God is so Good and how he has turned my life into a positive outcome from my early years of pain:

  1. It has been many years that I have such a good relationship with my Step Father as we can talk, laugh, hug, feel comfortable in the same environment, love and my heart is here to help him and take care of him when the time comes with a happy and joyful heart.
  2. I am thankful to my mom for all that she had to go through from raising me, a rebellious kid to being caught in the middle to hear the conflicts from both sides. She is the hero who has pushed through and has now been married to her husband, my Step Father for 43 years.
  3. I am very proud that I went to college and got my Bachelors degree in Fine Arts at UH Manoa, received an Associates in Science Degree in Physical Therapist Ass’t program and became licensed, and I put myself back to school to became a Licensed Massage Therapist as I find so much joy to provide a healing and loving touch through massage.
  4. Because of my journey, I was always a very involved mommy that knew the importance of giving up my time for my kids and keeping them on track with school as I know how important education is.
  5. I have a very good relationship with all three of my grown kids and I am very proud of each and every one of them. My son is getting into being an Electrician, my daughter is an RN, and my youngest daughter will be going to college this Fall 2021 to pursue a Radiology degree.
  6. I have a compassionate and caring heart to help others heal and to show them how they can live their best life.
  7. I choose to stay positive because there is no room for negativity as it is just wasted energy.
  8. I find laughter in everything and it is truly the best medicine to having a happy heart.
  9. Time is short and all of my lessons has made me realize to appreciate the blessings around me, be thankful, be grateful and choose love over hate.
  10. Always remember that it is a choice to choose your life’s journey so live it the way you create it.

As you can see, there has been so much good that have come out from my hardships and tribulations and this is why I would not change anything about my life journey and I come with acceptance and chose to be better instead of being bitter. My journey is still not over yet so whatever comes my way, I will continue to create my story and I will accept it as it is all for a good reason.

I encourage all of you to take a look at your past life and reflect if you are holding on to any resentment, anger, feeling sorry for yourself and if you are, it is time to break the chains of the negative stronghold that is holding you back from being productive, fruitful, happy, having peace in your heart and loving your life! Let things go and see what you have learned from it and how you can bring value to others and claim to create a new path that you will take to simply say…”I Am Happy!”

Accept Your Journey, embrace it and see all of the goodness and gems shine through where you will be able to step back, reflect and realize how far you have come and how ahhmazing your life is with being thankful and grateful.

Share some of your stories with me and how you have impacted your greatness overcoming tough times. Looking forward to hearing back from you!

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Tammy June 21, 2021 - 6:21 pm

Loved reading about our life’s journey and accepting it graciously and learning from our past to help others in the present!! Keep your ahhmazing blogs coming!!!

debs June 23, 2021 - 4:44 am

Mahalo Tam for your feedback, glad you enjoy reading my blogs as it is much appreciated!


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