Prayers and Promises

by debs
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Hey Guys!

We are all living in a different time, generation and era as our world has definitely changed for the worst and it continues to show that it is falling apart. The lack of respect that people show towards our Parents, our Elders, our Law Enforcement, our Teachers, to each other by bullying or the lack of respect to take someone’s life. Are you asking…..Where have we gone so wrong? Well, let me tell you…..

Looking back in time (50’s, 60’s, 70’s) when respect was expected and followed, when the teachers had the right to spank a student, when parents had the right to discipline their kids, when kids would listen and abide by rules instead of back talking and feeling entitled, when we were able to say ” I pledge of Allegiance”, when we could pray or talk about prayer without offending someone, and when God was still a part of our community and vocabulary…. but that all changed when all of this was taken away, when the laws have softened to accommodate and control in all areas became lost and out of order, when God was pushed aside and out from our schools and our government that it became the “new norm” but headed for disaster. People now question and wonder why it has gotten this bad with killings, disrespect at all levels and then asks….where is God, why is God putting us through this chaos and disasters? The answer is … because how can God protect us and bless us when people have pushed him away through the years…

The good news is that although we have no control over the world and others, we can still draw close to God and have a relationship with him and bring him into our lives to feel his unconditional love, his protection, his presence, his guidance and be blessed beyond measure by his blessings for us. We have prayer to stay connected to God and to pray for others and we also have the Lord’s promises that whoever believes in him will have everlasting life. It is not too late to bring the Lord back into your life, your world, your vocabulary to reap his rewards and to eliminate the chaos and darkness of the world today but to live with his light that you can shine and see the beautiful changes in all areas of your life and live a fulfilled life of happiness, love and joy! This is how to Live Your Best Life!

We need you Lord and forgive us of pushing you away, come back into our lives and heal us, heal our country, protect us, use us to help others and we will honor you, give you praise and glory….in your mighty and holy name Lord Jesus Christ our Savior we say….AMEN!


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