Seasons Of Change

by debs

Have you guys ever noticed how fast time goes by and before you know it, we are celebrating another year older, another milestone, creating, changing, developing and growing? How incredible is this?! This is called life as it takes on many different forms from childhood through adulthood.

We change physically as we grow, we change mentally as we mature, we change spiritually as we draw closer to God, we change through our life experiences, we change to be a teacher of lessons, we grow with knowledge and wisdom, we change to be strong, to be bold, to speak our minds and to speak the truth, we change to make a difference but one thing for sure is….we should never stop growing, never stop transforming, never stop learning more about ourselves each and everyday and love ourselves for who we are. Embrace a new you at every year, every decade….and celebrate the Seasons Of Change.

Every season is so different. Let’s start from the beginning and take for example in a baby season, babies are 100% dependent on needing help, care, nurturing for all of the necessities in life as a baby has no responsibilities, no worries and their job is to be happy and content but to also be very demanding on their parents asking for whatever pleases them. Basically, babies are cute little entitled spoiled humans lol who we love.

If you are a parent of a little one, take as many photos as possible to capture those precious moments that you will never get back as the Seasons Of Change only moves ahead. Enjoy the journey of parenting which comes with unconditional love, discipline, listening, communicating, protecting, instilling good morals and values, be involved and present, be a positive role model to get your child to the next level or season of life.

Yes….It takes hard work and dedication but it is all worth it once your child grows up to be productive, loving and successful individuals who one day will tell you “Thank you so much for believing in me, for never giving up on me, for your love and time spent with me and because of you…. I am who I am today and I will be forever grateful, thankful and blessed.”

As we continue to grow and change through the seasons, let’s take the season of being an elderly who came full circle…who once was in the role of a parent who cared for her children, who nurtured and raised her kids for success, who taught them many valuable lessons of life, who was strong physically and mentally but is now the person who needs to be taken care of, watched over for safety, is fragile, weak or confused and now reaches up to us with extended arms for help.

Who can relate? The roles are now flipped as we are in another Season Of Change and we must reflect what is happening to have compassion, patience, willingness, love and kindness to be there for our parents as they were once there for us through the years.

Sometimes it can be very frustrating to have to repeat ourselves over and over, or maybe we have to shout really loud because they are hard of hearing, combative, incontinent, physically difficult to handle or walks and moves slowly which can be really irritating to many of us however, we must remember that when we were a baby and was just learning to walk, they had the patience to walk slowly with us, or when we were combative and threw a tantrum they had the patience to calm us down, we were incontinent and they had to change our dirty diapers without grumbling so let us not forget what they did for us and remember in those times that we might feel it is so difficult it actually becomes easier as we reflect what they had to go through for us and we can appreciate them.

Let’s be loving, kind and helpful to the one’s closest to us and always put ourselves in other peoples shoes to have insight on what they are going through to have understanding, patience, gratitude and a thankful heart.

So, ask yourself….What Season Are You In? Are you a teenager? Are you a mother? A grandmother? Reflect on the stages of your life that you have lived so far and how you can make the most of it as your season continues to change and just love your journey made especially for you. Learn how to appreciate other people’s Seasons Of Change because each and everyone of us will most likely walk this path one day so it is important to never forget. Treat other’s how you would like to be treated and always treat people with love.

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Aileen May 29, 2021 - 8:19 pm

Hi, Deb thank you for your insights. I am going through with what you talked about. I am finally learning it’s not about what is good for me, but what God wants me to do for others. God’s Word, the Bible, is what brings peace and contentment to me. Most important to me is praying and getting know God as someone who truly cares for me. For some of us the only way we can learn is going through some tough times. But God is faithful!

ahhmazing20 June 1, 2021 - 6:55 am

Aloha Aileen!
Thank you for responding and I appreciate you reflecting on where you are at in this Season Of Change. It is one of the most difficult
things to do and take on being a primary care giver as it does test us in so many ways….God puts us where we need to be for a reason
that we need to learn from so that we can be a teaching tool to help others who might be going through the same struggles. I love what you
said that you are learning that it’s not about what is good for you but how you are looking at this of what God wants you to do for others.
That is powerful and humbling as we are here to serve others and have a heart of God to do what is right so keep your faith in him as we
may not know the reasons behind the “why” but the truth will be shown and revealed with great understanding and with an “aahhaa” moment.

Hang in there as you are on the right path by keeping God close to you with his words, prayers, and knowing that God has your back!
God bless you always and I will be lifting you up in daily prayer:). Take care!


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