Becoming And Growing

by debs
brown and white swallowtail butterfly under white green and brown cocoon in shallow focus lens

Becoming all that God wants us to be and growing into productive, fruitful, loving, giving and caring people striving to become better each and everyday takes time to cultivate.

There are so many things needed to lead oneself into transformation. Just like a plant that needs sunlight, water, temperature, air, and proper nutrients to grow, so does humans who need vital conditions such as love, encouragement, discipline, challenges, patience, positive mindset, positive self-dialogue and be rooted in Jesus to grow and blossom into strong, healthy, positive, successful, happy, motivated and loving individuals.

Ask yourselves….Am I growing to becoming better overtime? Am I growing with wisdom, knowledge and understanding to be able to help others? Or, Am I stagnant and thinking about the negative things around me? Am I telling myself negative chatters that is pulling me down and stopping me from growing to become awesome and ahhmazing? What is your story? where are you in your life?

Really reflect and see how you can change to become a better you because that is all that you can control is “YOU”.

Could you start by telling yourself positive affirmations everyday such as… I am awesome….I am happy….I love myself…..I choose to think positively…..just fill your thoughts and what you say to yourself with good feelings, happy thoughts and with positive influences. This will help you to grow with Self Confidence and being Empowered and getting out of your own way to achieving more.

Secondly, start to live with awareness that you will not repeat a negative action or behavior but rather you are willing to replace that with a positive solution and outcome to create a change, for example….if you struggle with anger issues, and normally deal with that by yelling, screaming, intimidating or maybe even hitting then you can replace your anger in the moment by walking away, take a breath and count down from 50. You will see how much it will change your mindset and calm you down and diffuse the flame as you will not only feel better but you will BECOME BETTER as you now learned how to positively handle a heated situation.

Accept challenges and tribulations with open arms as this is exactly what is needed to GROW you from the gems of the lessons learned when you are faced with many problems that come into your life. Without the hardships, we all cannot grow to become better and everything that you are going through is for a reason so just embrace it and enjoy the journey.

Be thankful and grateful for everything, allow God to transform your life so let him in, and see how beautiful life really is so start becoming more and grow with abundance.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Aileen May 6, 2021 - 7:07 pm

Thank you, Deb for the encouragement today. I’m going through some difficult times now, but I know God is with me and I pray often and have a relationship with God that I didn’t have before. God sustains me and I don’t go off the edge as I did before. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share. God bless you!

ahhmazing20 May 13, 2021 - 3:49 am

Aloha Aileen!
You’re welcome and I am so glad that you were able to read my article and connect with God! He got your back and he is there for you to help
you through those times of challenges and tribulations….Please remember that there is always a reason that God put us through some difficulties
but celebrate the gems of lessons learned, growing and sharing that will come along with it! God always knows how much you can endure therefore,
he will not overload your plate so trust in him and continue to build your relationship with the Lord!! Your are Ahhmazing and God Bless You!!
Thank you for sharing from your heart….💕debs


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