Being Happy and Loving Life

by debs

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Do you believe that we all have a choice to write our own script of how we want our life to be? We can choose to live being mad and angry that sees everything so negatively or we can choose to be happy and wake up being thankful and grateful every morning taking in another breath of life….. only you are in control of you and you can change how you feel, how you respond, how you react, how you want to live at any time, any second and at any moment if you want to and all it takes is for you to decide to create a change. It really is that simple to live your best Being Happy and Loving Life!

So you ask….how can it be so simple for a person to just change? The first step is to: 1. Acknowledge that you have a problem and that you want to change…..just remember that you cannot change what you don’t acknowledge. Being honest and truthful to yourself is the start of all good things.

2. Live with awareness and being conscious about how you are thinking before responding because it takes practice. I always say… consciously to eventually become an unconscious liver which means that by practicing daily awareness changes can and will happen.

3. Start a relationship with the Lord and as you draw closer to him your heart will explode with joy and happiness and you will see things around you with a more positive outlook being able to embrace and love life.

Overall, it all comes down to each and everyone of us to know that we have a choice to live the most abundant, fulfilling, happy, joyful, loving, giving, and caring life possible if we choose to. Try it…’ll love it…..Here’s to Being Happy and Loving life!


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