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Hey Guys!

Most of us who have been out of work due to the shut down mandate has been isolated and quarantined since March 2020. We all know that being cooped up in the home can be very stressful therefore, it is important to take care and pamper yourself to feel happy, rejuvenated, balanced and refreshed to be able to keep going. With all of our hairstylist, massage Therapist and other pampering professionals closed, you can still be creative and allow yourself to get pampered.

One way to pamper yourself is by:

  1. Taking A Hot Bubble Bath. Ahhhh…..The Warmth of the water will already make you feel relaxed, soothed and comfortable to take any stress off. Make sure that you are completely alone, lock the door if you have to so that you are not disturbed by your kids, play some soft relaxing music, light a few candles scented with lavender then just soak, relax and enjoy!

2. Massage. Find a family member to massage you while you just relax as your whole body will feel so good and you will be able to get a good nights sleep….exactly what your body needs. You can also place cucumber slices over your eyes to feel more refreshed, relaxed and it will help to decrease any inflammation and puffiness around your eyes.

3. Keep Yourself Looking Good. It is so easy to let ourselves go and be lazy during quarantine time but this is a time to more so keep up with coloring your hair, getting out of bed and put on some makeup, brush and style your hair, get out of your pj’s and put on something presentable, get moving, get exercising and stay motivated.

4. Mani and Pedi. Take some time to give yourself a Mani and Pedi. turn on some relaxing music, find a space that is well ventilated with cool breezes or A/C, clip your nails to your desired length, File the rough edges and create a nice shape, choose your color of nail polish, slowly apply, let dry and enjoy!

5. Tone Your Face. Perfect timing to start doing Face Engineering Exercises at while in quarantine. Massage and Acupressure Point Techniques stimulated to achieve incredible results to have a facelift without surgery….Guaranteed! Do these simple exercises with using your fingertips while watching tv, while outside in your garden relaxing, in your car waiting at the traffic light, do it anywhere and at anytime. Have fun and watch how you can reclaim your youth and look younger!

There are so many ways that you can pamper yourself and feel relaxed, happy and rejuvenated! Always see a solution to everything so although we are in the stay-at-home mode, we can still enjoy time, be creative, get things done but most importantly to take care of ourselves…..Happy quarantine and stay safe!

Thank you for letting me share and make it a great day!


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