Inner Beauty

by debs
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Hey Guys!

When I think of Inner Beauty, I immediately think about someone’s heart…..caring, loving, giving, supportive, encouraging, kind, gentle, happy, joyful, self control and well basically mirroring the Fruits of The Spirit.

Inner Beauty reflects someone who is more concerned about others and the need to give of themselves than thinking of themselves by how they can make someone’s day better, how they can help someone out and basically having the heart to be there for others. This is what makes a person so beautiful from the inside out!

In today’s society, outer beauty is so overly highlighted by someone’s physical facial features or a sexy body with all the right curves that it is acceptable to many in our society of what the definition of being beautiful is as well as it demonstrates a false sense of beliefs. Don’t get me wrong, but of course being blessed with a beautiful face is awesome, a gift from God and an added quality to who a person is but take a look at how going “under the knife” and having plastic surgery is just a common element in our daily conversations especially for entertainers, movie stars, reality stars to even regular people like you and I who are looking to alter their face to have what people think is the “perfect” look, the “perfect” nose job, the “perfect” jawline, the “perfect” eyes, the “perfect” lips and the list goes on but my point being is that people have gotten so obsessed with how they look and to want to be “perfect” by cutting and pasting parts of their face to reconstruct it having a whole new look and sometimes unidentifiable because of one too many surgeries really taking away their natural beauty to begin with…. all this sums up to defining beauty and becoming so superficial that it takes away with who we really are on the inside because of the obsession and physically altering their natural beauty on the outside as this obsessed thinking becomes dangerous and unhealthy.

Again, there is nothing wrong with wanting to look great and in fact we should all take care of ourselves through exercise, eating right, having a good facial skin regimen to look the best we can as this is all healthy for our lives and the more we take better care of ourselves the more we will feel better, have more self confidence, we would smile more and be happier and looking to greater things that matter most to us like family and friends.

Because the aging process is inevitable and nobody likes to look in the mirror to see that we are looking older and loosing the elasticity and tone in our skin like we once had in our youthful days so learning how to tone your face and neck just like exercising the whole body for good fitness and exercise is the key to staying healthy, looking good in a healthy way and feeling great to loving yourself and others and the best news is that you can achieve all of this with doing Facial Engineering Exercises without any plastic surgery and here is how to get great healthy results of having a “Facelift” with no cutting, no surgery but only using your fingertips…Please go to to view results and be ahhmazed and be able to keep your inner beauty beautiful too!!! Here’s to celebrating you!


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