You Are What You Eat

Facial Friday Living Your Best Life @ ahhmazing20.com Aloha Guys! Happy Aloha Friday and the title says it all: You Are What You Eat so today’s Facial Friday blog is all about eating healthy to have beautiful radiant complexion and a healthy glow to your skin. It is very important to eat right especially toContinue reading “You Are What You Eat”

Pamper Yourself During Quarantine Time

Living Your Best Life @ ahhmazing20.com Hey Guys! Most of us who have been out of work due to the shut down mandate has been isolated and quarantined since March 2020. We all know that being cooped up in the home can be very stressful therefore, it is important to take care and pamper yourselfContinue reading “Pamper Yourself During Quarantine Time”

Living With Integrity

Living your Best Life @ ahhmazing20.com Hey Guys! One of the most important quality and character that anyone can exemplify is being able to live with INTEGRITY. Integrity is defined as having the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles and moral uprightness. When your heart can also get convicted to doing whatContinue reading “Living With Integrity”

Strengthen Core Muscles

Living Your Best Life @ ahhmazing20.com Hey Guys! Strengthening core muscles has its great benefits to avoid injury and back pain. Millions of people around the world suffer from low back pain on a daily basis that can be very debilitating, fatiguing and irritating and over time it can actually limit us from doing simpleContinue reading “Strengthen Core Muscles”

Staying Forever Young

Living Your Best Life @ ahhmazing20.com Hey Guys! I am so thankful and grateful everyday for another day of life, breath and for the opportunity to be productive, creative, and live my best life to be happy and Staying Forever Young! What does “Staying Forever Young” mean to you? For me, it means age isContinue reading “Staying Forever Young”

How To Live With Faith

Living Your Best Life @ ahhmazing20.com Hey Guys! During these times of uncertainty, with this worldwide spread of Covid 19 where people are scared, feeling traumatized, lost, depressed, anxious and do not know how to deal with this devastating, life changing Coronavirus pandemic then it is important for you to continue reading and it wouldContinue reading “How To Live With Faith”

Where Has All The Aloha Gone?

A guide for visitors and locals alike Living Your Best Life @ ahhmazing20.com Hey Guys! Have you ever noticed that times have certainly changed because of advanced technology, environmental changes, economic changes, value system changes, moral changes, generational changes and other factors that have contributed to where we are today in our thought process, inContinue reading “Where Has All The Aloha Gone?”

Divorce From The Eyes Of your Child

Living Your Best Life @ ahhmazing20.com Remember that special day when you just got married and everything was perfect, new, romantic and your love for one anther was so ahhmazing? Then the days goes by and new qualities emerge that you have never seen before that might be a little irritating to you like snoringContinue reading “Divorce From The Eyes Of your Child”

Inner Beauty

Living Your Best Life @ ahhmazing20.com Hey Guys! When I think of Inner Beauty, I immediately think about someone’s heart…..caring, loving, giving, supportive, encouraging, kind, gentle, happy, joyful, self control and well basically mirroring the Fruits of The Spirit. Inner Beauty reflects someone who is more concerned about others and the need to give ofContinue reading “Inner Beauty”

No Plastic Surgery Needed

Living Your Best Life @ ahhmazing20.com Hey Guys! The title says it all….No Plastic Surgery Needed when it comes to having a facelift….yes, you heard me right…No Plastic Surgery Needed! All you need is your fingertips to achieve incredible results GUARANTEED! Maybe you or someone you know feels younger then your real age or isContinue reading “No Plastic Surgery Needed”

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