Where Has All The Aloha Gone?

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Hey Guys!

Have you ever noticed that times have certainly changed because of advanced technology, environmental changes, economic changes, value system changes, moral changes, generational changes and other factors that have contributed to where we are today in our thought process, in our beliefs and in our attitudes that are just different now then they were back in the “good old days”? More importantly, what I see that have really changed is the simple “please” and “thank you” or having care and common courtesy for another person especially while driving…I am talking about what I see in my home state of beautiful Hawaii. I am sure that where ever you come from there has also been many changes of what I am talking about.

I was born in 1965 and raised in the 70’s-80’s and grew up in beautiful Kaneohe on the Island of Oahu and ever since I could remember, people were always so friendly, everybody would smile at one another while passing on the streets, in the stores, talking story as every body knew each other, waving “hi” to others even if we didn’t know them, and while driving it was a way of life to have Aloha on the streets and let people cut or merge in by slowing down and giving them the hand signal to let them in, it was also automatic to give a wave to say “thank you” when someone let you merge and it was always seen so often back then having the common courtesy to think of the other person. Life was so simple then and boy, do I wish we could bring that life style, that mentality and that Aloha all back and live with thinking about the other person and having the heart to have good manners, being thoughtful and caring.

What I see today is so unfortunate because I have witnessed first hand that if I am walking past a person, it is automatic for me to smile and say “hi” but the other person might not acknowledge me or look at me until I say “hello”. This is not how my Hawaii used to be and here is the most biggest and significant change that I see today is that people do not have and show much Aloha and care to others while driving. I notice that people start to speed up when they know that another person wants to merge or cut lanes or if someone lets another person merge in then there is no “thank you” given or no flashing of the shaka sign or a friendly wave…why is that? why does good manners and giving Aloha have to fade? Well, I know that people who come from the mainland as a visitor or who now live here might not have grown up that way so of course they don’t see anything wrong that they don’t have good roadside manners and it’s not their fault but just different mentality as a friend of mine from the mainland shared with me that it’s just their way of thinking and that letting people cut in or merge is something you just don’t do on the freeways or highways otherwise you will get honked at. So, that is a big part of our change here in Hawaii of not seeing much Aloha and manners on the road however on the flip side of it, I have also witnessed that some of our very own locals who do not show Aloha for others and that is shame!….really just a shame!

So, everyone…lets bring back the old Hawaii and spread the Aloha Spirit. If you are a visitor to the Islands, have just moved here or you are a local then please be polite and have manners on the road….let people merge and cut in, or if someone lets you go then please say “thank you” with a simple wave. Be friendly with a smile or acknowledge someone with a “good morning”, “hello” or “have a good day” if you are out walking or in a store as that will brighten someone’s day, and make people feel good. Try it and you’ll like it and having good manners and having care for others is so infectious that it can continue to snowball by people touching people and before we know it, it’s back to the good old days of overflowing with love and Aloha for others!

Thank you for letting me share and make it a great day!


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