Living with Self Confidence

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Self Confidence is a powerful characteristic to have however, it doesn’t always come easy or naturally but rather it comes with maturity, learning how to feel good about ones self, loving who we are, being happy, content and accepting with how God has made us but we can also find Self Confidence in striving to become better, to live healthier, to exercise and see changes in our appearance, to over come obstacles and weaknesses by speaking to a large crowd, to challenge ourselves and to push outside of the box to feel uncomfortable as they all play a big part in building and living with Self Confidence.

Take for instance, a girl who is not comfortable with how she looks like, she is overweight, she has increased facial premature wrinkles at the young age of 30, she is shy, conservative and doesn’t have friends. How do you think she feels? Of course…..she will lack Self Confidence thereby does not look people in the eye when talking to another, hangs her head down at all times to avoid seeing other people, is not happy, is not comfortable with speaking out loud and unable to voice herself to be heard, her non-verbal communication shows off as being closed and withdrawn. Something no one should have to experience but the good news is that she can take steps to change that at any time and get the ball rolling to start to live with Self Confidence!

The first thing that she can do is decide that she will choose to eat healthier, she can go on a healthy lifestyle program to learn how to loose weight, start to do simple exercises to get moving to shed more weight, do facial toning exercises as seen on ahhmazing20.com to decrease wrinkles and regain her youthful look. Once she starts to see some good results happening that her clothes starts to feel looser, she has more energy, she loves to eat delicious fruits instead of chocolates, she will find that her body is craving the “good stuff” and because she is feeling better she will be happier, she will smile more and hold her head up while talking with other people, she will start to feel comfortable with standing tall and upright, her non-verbal communication now demonstrates having a backbone, feeling confident, being happy, feeling strong, enjoys people and loving life!

Overall, the lesson here is when people decide to do things differently and choose to create a change in themselves, and if they continue to challenge themselves with being bold and growing then that is great and we need to celebrate that because now change can absolutely occur. Everyone has the ability to change and create the best life and grow with Self Confidence and all we have to do is water it!

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