Staying Home, Isolation, or Quarantined?

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The United States of America is being faced with the reality of the importance to shut down nationwide and the States who want to be part of the solution are doing so to help stop or slow down the spread of the Coronavirus by demanding that there is a mandatory shut down and everyone except essential workers must stay at home and isolate themselves….hats off to California Governor Gavin Newsom who was successful in doing so and thereby putting his people as priority to implement the shut down right away. Surprisingly but sadly, not all States feel the same way (my Island home of Hawaii is among them) and for whatever reason they feel that there is still time to waste and not taking this seriously to command that things be brought to a halt immediately such as air travel to stop anyone from coming into the islands all for the protection of our people or just to shut down establishments and businesses so that less contact and potential harm can be avoided. There is a sense of urgency to avoid an explosion for more positive Covid 19 cases to occur so that our Nation does not get out of control and fall victim like China, Italy, Spain and other Countries where their death rate continues to climb which is so alarming and sad.

Let us all continue to pray for our leaders of our State to do what is right and for the protection of all!!! God Bless everyone and stay safe!


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